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The Savio Group began serving the Hawaii community when fax machines were a thing of the future, cell phones cost thousands to own and even more to use, and terms like “internet” and “email” weren’t even in the dictionary.

Here at Savio, we learned customer service the old-fashioned way. We understood that good business was done by building relationships and listening to the needs of our customers. We answered the phones, returned messages, followed up, and treated people like family. What we did NOT do is resist the changes that came; in fact, we embraced them and added all of that speed and technology to those traditional values.

Here at Savio, we have invested in the most state-of-the-art systems and software available to enhance our traditional approach of good personal service, professionalism, integrity, and all the old-world values we have always practiced. Our website is intended to help you take advantage of this modern technology, and we hope it will provide a pleasant and seamless experience, assisting you with whatever real estate needs you may have. We also hope that you will give us the chance to help you on a personal level as well, and we welcome you to pick up the phone so one of our experienced professionals can assist you the traditional way.

Your friends at Savio

“Here at Savio Realty Ltd., we believe that to build a future for your family, you must have a solid foundation from which to grow. Like an old tree that provides shade and shelter sits on a sound network of roots set in good ground — all branches reaching out from a sturdy trunk, and bearing fruit for years to come.”

There is no better foundation on which to grow a family’s future than one that is rooted in property ownership. Making sound choices and good investments in real estate can provide a foundation to support your family and, like the tree, will sustain you and allow you to branch out for many generations to come.

Our company has been structured to not only assist the individual who is just beginning, but to also help the well-established family as they continue to grow. Through our network of residential sales and management, commercial divisions, developments and projects, we provide resources for the first-time buyer as well as the seasoned investor. We offer first-time buyer programs, condominium and leased-fee conversions, and staff of seasoned professionals, making us truly the one-stop shop for all of your real estate needs. 

Whether you are simply looking for a little piece of land on the Big Island to get started or are a first-time home buyer… whether you are buying up or down to adjust to changes in your life or are looking for a vacation property in one of Hawaii’s resort areas… or if you are one of the big 5 looking to liquidate large assets or develop existing ones, we are the company that can do it all. 

At Savio Realty Ltd., we can match you with the professionals and the properties that best suit your needs. 


    The Savio Realty Ltd. Charitable Gifting Program (CGP) can generate thousands of dollars in contributions for your church, charity, or organization.  When a sale closes under this program, the benefiting non-profit organization or charity receives either:
  • One-half percent (1/2%) of the sales price of any residential or charitable gifting listing or
  • One-half percent(1/2%) of the sales price when buyer purchases a property or
  • One percent (1%) of the sales price of a property if it is a Savio Realty Ltd. client buying a participating Charitable Gifting listing.

If your organization wishes to participate in this program you need only advise your staff members and outside supporters of the program's availability. This can be done by letters to your supporters and in your organization's newsletter. We will do the rest. Then, if one of your supporters lists or buys through Savio Realty Ltd., he or she can designate your organization as the recipient of the gift when listed or sold.

Private Businesses
The program can also help private businesses meet or exceed their fund-raising goals. Any organization supported or sponsored by a business can benefit when its employees, service providers or suppliers buy or sell real estate under the CGP.

If buying or selling real estate call Savio Realty Ltd. A donor may be able to report his Charitable Gifting donation as a charitable contribution when filing state and federal taxes. Always consult with your CPA on matters relating to taxes. After the property is sold and closed, escrow disburses the funds directly to your organization with a copy of the pledge agreement.

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About the Savio Group

Peter B. Savio is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Savio Group of Companies. Peter has more than 40 years experience in real estate development and sales in the Hawaii market; he has been helping his clients realize the maximum return on their real estate investments since he founded Savio Realty Ltd. in 1980.

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