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Staging 101: Exterior Changes

When a potential buyer drives up to your home, the first impression they form is critical.  A good start is to walk across the street and view your home as though it is through the eyes of a buyer.  Is trimming required?  It is a good idea to edge the lawn and landscape areas by trimming back 6” from all the walkways, as you do not want to impede the traffic flow.  Also, the shrubbery should be trimmed below the windows to open the view.

Repainting the front door and trim will help make your home look crisp and well maintained.  This area is where potential buyers will get their first opportunity to make a closer inspection of your home.  It is also one of the least expensive updates you can do to dress up the home.

Decks, walkways, porches, patios and lanais should always be swept, and any moss, leaves or debris removed.  Decks/lanais should be pressured washed and stained or painted if need.  Remove the clutter so these areas look larger.  Take away old flowerpots, barbecues, charcoal, planters, toys and construction materials and any excess furniture.  Create an inviting space on porches, patios and lanais to remind the buyers of the purpose of these areas.

The roof and gutters should be clean and free of all debris.  Repair all fences and paint them if necessary. 

Trim, rake and weed flowerbeds.  New mulch can be added, i.e., bark, gravel, or lava rocks, can put a finishing touch on the landscape.  Replace/remove all dead plants and add new ones for color and fill in.  Keep the lawn mowed, and trim branches around the roofline to prevent animals, insects and foliage from getting on the roof.

Finally, do not forget about the garage.  Keep your cars in the garage if you are not using it as a storage area.  Keep it swept and organized and always keep the garage doors down while on the market.  If the garage floor has stains, a fresh coat of paint will make a better impression to potential buyers.

Next week we’ll discuss pets and storage areas.


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