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Don't Underestimate Hawaii's State Departments!

Just wanted to share this experience with others who may have a one letter typo on their certificate of marriage.  When I received my certificate back in 2012, I noticed that my declared middle name had an "a" instead of an "o".  I thought, "my middle name is spelled correctly under "Bride's Name", so no biggie.  Thinking a correction would takes 2 months, I didn't want to take the time to call or write or stand in line.  Well you probably have already guessed how the lesson to this story ends.  I'll give you the core.
In an attempt to add my husband to Title, I had to turn in to escrow our certificate of marriage from the health department.  I also had my marriage certificate from the judge which, because it is of a flimsy paper content, I thought it was just a receipt of some sort.  I didn't really look at the wording on the paper but I also turned it in to the escrow company.  My account has about 3 transactions that are contingent upon one another and the certificate of marriage is the main factor.  As you probably already know, the attorney's office said I will need a corrected copy.  My first thoughts were "OMG, I will never be able to get a corrected copy by the end of May (which is my deadline)". 
With my heart racing, I called the Health Dept and found out they have a corrections department.  Yeah, but no one answered and you can't leave a message.  Knowing that I had no alternatives since that department's online services will take 6-8 weeks and sending the information via mail will take just as long I kept calling.  Lo and behold, a kind worker answered the phone right at 4:30pm which is their closing time.  I would have never expected anyone to answer the phone and moreso to speak to a human being.  Anyway, she said to call back the next day because their computers were down.  We were able to get through the next day and everything is now moving along in time for my deadline.
The moral of this story is that courteous persistence pays off and never underestimate the service of our State's Departments.  And most importantly, ensure there are no typos on your legal documents.  (However funny is that I've seen typos in some Trust documents that were already filed by the attorneys).
Almost forgot, regarding the Marriage Certificate from the judge, escrow is able to use it to petition but it is best to have the Certificate of Marriage from the Dept. of Health.
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