Allan Kroll (R)


Aloha! I have lived in the beautiful state of Hawaii since 1970. I hold a graduate degree from the American University in Washington D.C., School of Government and Public Administration. My previous work experience include social work, construction, and Government Service.

I have been in Real Estate since 1990 and during that time I have closed over 1,000 transactions. As a full-time agent, I have been trained to conduct the necessary research and have diligently pursued my education in this field to ensure that my abilities meet the highest standards. I have completed all the classes for the CCIM commercial designation and many other continuing education classes as well.

I have established close working relationships with lenders, escrow companies, surveyors, home inspectors, attorneys, planners and all the various experts who provide a service to property owners. In my duties on the Governmental Affairs Committee, I have personally met with the mayor and the County of Hawaii department heads. Meeting with the heads of the County Planning Department, Building, Real Property Tax Office, Department of Water, Public Works, HELCO, Highways and Wastewater was a wonderful opportunity to forge relationships that continue to be of immeasurable benefit.

I enjoy working with people, and bringing each transaction to a successful conclusion. I have been the Chairman of the Standard Forms Committee, the Caravan Committee, By-Laws Committee and the Governmental Affairs Committee for the Hawaii Island Board of Realtors. I currently serve as a member of the Governmental Affairs Committee.

Contact me and I guarantee I can help you.

• Brokers License since 12-17-1993
• Closed over 1,000 Escrows since 1992
• Hawaii Resident since 1995-1996
• Notary Public State of Hawaii

Hawaiian Island Board of Realtors

Caravan Chairman, 1995-1996
Professional Standards & Arbitration Committee, 1995-1997
By-laws Chairman, 1995
Governmental Affairs 1997-2008
Committee Chairman 2001


Real Estate Institute Class
101 - Financial Analysis for Commercial Real Estate
201 - Market Analysis for Commercial Real Estate
301 - Decision Analysis for Commercial Investment
407 - Advanced techniques in Marketing & Leasing
601 - Negotiating Self Taught

Bachelor of Arts from the School of Government and Public Administration at American University in Washington D.C.


Foreclosure and Role of the Commissioner — Finance, Contracts
Condominium Development Process — How to Manage Residential Property, Consensual Dual Agency, 1996
Real Estate Laws Updates & Ethics, 1993-1998, 2001-2002 — Understanding Contracts II, 2002, Comprehensive 1031 Exchange 2002
Law & Ethics II, 1992 — Real Estate Finance Today 2008
Alternative Financing for Today's Market
Condominium Property Regime, 1996 — IRC - 1-31 Tax Deferred Exchanges in Todays Market 2008
Real Estate Law Update and Agency Overview 2007 - 2008


Two & One Training — Centurion Agent 1992 & 1993
Sales Associate Training


From start to finish Allan helped with the sale and I got the price I asked! Thank you Allan. - Karen Gollero

Mr. Allan Kroll,
It has been very pleasant to work with you. Thank you very much. - Yansheng Ma Lum

You are great - you make dreams come true. What others couldn't do - you did it over night and I thank you loads - God Bless! anytime I can help. - Emma Wallace

Dear Allan,
Happy New Year! Keith + I would like to thank you for the quick sell on our property. Previously we had other realtors that gave us no results. We appreciate your professionalism + hard work. We did call the Hawaiian miles to establish our acct. Many thanks. Aloha. - Keith + May Mahahula

I highly reccomend Allan Kroll, as he followed through helping us purchase land and kept us informed throughout. I find him to be an excellent agent to work with! Mahalo. - Marlene DyKema

Allan was willing to work with us even though our property in Florida hadn't sold yet Several other realtors responded with "call me when you have the money!" Thank you Allan. We will gladly refer our friends to you. - Larry McDonald & Deborah Hopson

Thank you for following through on a difficult sale. Best wishes in future sales. - Carol DeSaram

Personable + easy going. Always looked out for our best interest. - David Lane + Laura Casey

Paul and I thank you. As an out-of-town seller your kind attention and accessibility via "800" numbers always made us feel right there in Hilo. You get the Oldenburg STAMP-OF-APPROVAL! Peace and Joy - Patricia Oldenburg

HAPPY Clients who have given me permission to use their names in a testimonial ad:

Carl Schlatter
Joseph Pimental
Elfie May Tarlton
Frank Schroedl
Nina Lujan
Harry Schmidt
Pat Rocco
Yasud Akamatsu
Ledell P. Carter
Annette A. Nickel
Debra Montoya
Dorothy Foster
Kenneth H. Ulrich
Gary Crosby
Vicki Lee Harrison
Robert Randall Carter
William A. Gibson
Jane Aletano
Annette M. Kama
Arlene Buklarcurz
Lena Carver
M. Eugene Georgu
Elaine Cadiente
Horace + Kristen Black
Keith E. Lowrey
Milton Janzen
Paul Lukomskyj
Carlos Vilesue
Samuel Pokini
William A. Fleming
D. Bu Lin
Kenneth T. Fujishige
Gordon Harada
Johanna Neves
Rhonda Hanson
Karolina C. Dunn
Terumi Sato
Ivonne B. Niggerbrugge
Gerald A. Anderson
Ruby Weaver
Ellin Park
Alda G. Halldorison-Duin
Gerald Manuel Martins Sr.
Walter C. Eastin
Irene Grebin
Eric S. Wegner
Annette Banuvong
David + Joyce Eisenbrey
Sharon J. Azevedo
Norman C. Fennell
John O. Noble
Terestita B. Noble
C. Lily Farmer
James E. Braatz
Rosemarie E. Braatz
Hugh Kefford
Christine Kefford
Patrick Adams
Jan Martin
John H. Robinson Jr.
Mrs. Nathan E. Wilson
Eona E. Wilson
Marylou Toribio-Gumtang
Howard R. Tatum
James Addison
Hibbert Manley
Earl Kawamura
Adrienne Kawamura
Holly Andrew
Ephraim Andres
John R. Pyles
Hilda T. Saito
Naotomo Matoi
Richard N. Baker
Mary M. Baker
Ruth Marie Bass
Jean O. Hutchinson
Bessie K. Naruto
Mary Kay Havens
G. Edward Weiss
John B. Medeiros Jr.
Charles K. Barry
B. Lee Beaudette
Dr. Rose T. Pfund
Eric K. Pacheco
helen Cole
Gottfried Beetz
Teruko Okawa
Pancho Sullivan
Jack Nazi
Theresa Yoshimura
Donald R. Price
Clarence R. Leskanich
Ernest Kunimura
Robert S. Kennedy
John P. Lockwood
Gordon Harada
Dorthy L. Brown
Bruce A. Miner
Linda Hensley
Donald L. Cambra
James F. McCauliff
Larry Jay Farren
Marcelino Jacinto
Samuel + Mary Thompson
Holly Lange
Donald Baker
Winona M. Marumoto
Gail Marie Cook
Carol DeSaram
Frances O. Jackson
Alvin Park
David A. Conrad
Larry R. Buck
John N. Lim
Melissa Neal
Dolores J. Johnson
Jay Blauser
Eva J. Stein
Joe Walsh
Susie A. Posey
Bruce Winter
Dorthy Murphy
Irene K.Y. Apana
Herman Grudzien
James L. Brewer
Gary Hansch
Bill + Carol Hyde
Carmelo Duldulao
Marlene DyKema
Florence Mary Davis
Henry Wm. Gibbons
Dain J. Olsen
Lynn Seay
Joel Shedlo
Rena Robinett
Jane Sakai
Betty Bodlak
Vera D. Ogburn
Hayami Sato
Thomas H. Atkin
Joel Roper
Carol A. Wyban
Roberta J. McCarthy
Roger + Nancy Brasel
Randall S. Morehouse
Richard L. Heller
Masami Sekimoto
Marilyn Foxall
Rev. Jayne Taggart
Minoru + Motoko Kudaka
Robert W. Waldrop
William F. Howard
Donald L. Cawelti
Sylvia Sue Goheen
Diane Hipps
Lindalie Benson
Bob Schmidt
Carol Barnak
Lee + Alice Kelsey
Bo F. Rodehn
Cris L. Smith
Steve O'Toole
Joel Werner
Charles H. Sommerville
Lisa Dacalio
Alice C. Hokama
Iris W. Kerber
Laura + Michael Patterson
Keiko Tsuruga
Gary T. Nakamoto
Clarence Akau
Martin Glazier
Dennis J. Fitzpatrick
Joseph A. Mathiea
Beverly C. Taylor
Dr. Gay Claiborne
Rod Anjo
Donna Akau
Will Seitz
Andrew Gordon
Michael Harvey
Stephen Wellman
J. Villy
Doris A. Lyons
Peter Pobocik
Chant K. Nelson
Miao Yee T. Huang
Kathleen Kay
Glen + Shirlen Gellatly
Andrew Spittle
David Sager
Bill Duquette
Ron Sauder
Russell K. Kaetsu
Greg Robinson
Fred B. Brickman
Thomas McKinney
Jean L. Scanlon
Emma D. Wallace
Lovella K. Bailey
Guy Nigvocson
Wade + Lena Carver
Stephen P. Edmiston
Kendall D. Sharpless
Wilma Jane Hamm
Dick May McDaniel
William Graham
Pauline Woodruff Brown
Fred Chappell
Jacki Gillen
C.E. Kirk Jr.
B.C. Lawson III
Jean C. Woodworth
Sally V. Tully
Thomas N. Hasebe
Diane Ware
Kristine Hicks
Kathleen Malane
Linda J. Piatt
Frank Kanimura
Louise Adele Jaynes
Andrew + Doris Aboltin
Donna J. Sabalburo
Gloria Wallis
Melvin + Nancy Hall
Arleen Eblacas
Alton Yamada
Charles Gensler
Rudy Klaussens
Hannah O'Neill-Reyes
Dr. Joseph T. Nishimoto
Boni + Mary Narito
Dr. Richard Lane
Donald E. May
Marion Frisch
Norman Hlestand
Bonne M. Cockett
MA. Luisa Gonzalez La'o Jayme
Emilo Gonzalez Lao
Rosita A. Mrtin
Annabelle R. Loando
Alysia C. Savage
Cindy Burby
Henry L. Soon
Gilbert Medeiros
Stephen Mack
Linda Mack
Joe Kegley
Paul K. Leach
Brian L. Rall
Rosalina A. Camero
Charmaine Mattos
Nathan Mattos
Evelyn Carrie Fernandez
Joeann V. Hightower Cordeiro
Victor Tavares
Leodora G. Conn
Viheart K. Keawe
Gay L. Spencer
Emery B. Sioson
Thomas P. Turner
Jean Polhamus
John C. Whittenburg
Tom Horton
Dana Edmunds
Ginger Edmunds
Barbara Lee Loy
Dallas Tessmer
Oscar Rivera
Julie Rivera
Mei Wine
F. Taylor
Takashi Yukawa
Darrell Crisp
Patricia Johnston
Susanne Pakele
Darrell Pakele
T.J. Spinks
Roy K. Alameida
Gracia G. Agcaoili
Melanie F. Gomes
John Gomes
Jack W. Hudson
Jack Lewis
Susanne Kiriaty
George Montgomery
Helen Montgomery
Gale Kondo
Estrellita A. Burley
Rev. Wayne Burley
Andrea Cronrod
William McCaffery
Patricia A. Kenner
Ray Kenner
Jerry Colinard
Leroy E. Gaskin
Robert Zito
Jana Fowler



  • License: RB-16443 
  • Email:
  • Cell: (808) 756-3010
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