Michael Reece (RA)

Michael Reece considers himself very fortunate to have been born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised on the east side. He spent his youth enjoying all the advantages of island living, attending Aina Haina Elementary School, Niu Valley Intermediate School and Kalani High School. Michael's first job was pumping gas at a local gas station when he was 15 years old, and this was his motivation and introduction to the work ethic he upholds today.

     Michael's interest in computers led him to pursue an Electronic Engineering Degree at ITT Technical College in California.  His humble beginnings there had him working at an Italian restaurant during his college years.  Upon graduation, he worked as an Assistant Project Manager for a computer company based in Los Angeles.  This gave Michael the opportunity to travel within California, and he took many long drives to various job locations to provide service to his clients.  Michael is grateful for this background in Technology, which he has carried with him into all fields of work.  His exposure to life on the mainland has also broadened his horizons.

     Michael's career as a Real Estate professional was an unexpected twist of fate.  His attendance at a Real Estate class eight years ago began as an adventurous young man just along for the ride. Michael had no idea that he would find his passion and niche here.  Besides residential general brokerage and project sales, his strengths extend to commercial sales, leasing and property management.  Michael's ability to have an open mind, and his belief in finding a proper solution for all things, are the driving factors for him. He brings an optimistic view and sense of purpose to his clients.  Michael's goal is to create an atmosphere of understanding and rapport in all business transactions. His overall purpose is to exceed his clients' expectations in all fields.

     Michael's favorite moments, when he can sneak away for some time off, include days on a golf course or spending valuable time with family and friends at a simple outdoor barbecue. The chance to travel abroad for work is a “win–win” situation for him - giving him the opportunity to see the diversity of Real Estate in other parts of the world.  

     He continues to keep abreast of all happenings in the Real Estate world on a daily basis, with a special eye on development and property investments.  Michael's goal someday soon is to build a powerful investment team in the markets of commercial and residential real estate.

  • License: RS–67889
  • Email:
  • Cell: (808) 382-4247
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