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Rain in Hawaii

Trying to understand rain in Hawaii is harder than nailing Jello to a tree. The Jello thing you can solve by thinking in the box.
Rain. you have to think outside of the box.
We live on an acre of land a few minutes outside Hilo on the east side of Hawaii. Soon after we moved into our house my wife called me on my cell and said; "I cannot believe this,  it is raining in our backyard,  but not in our front yard."
Seen it happen a few times. You also see this phenomenon on the highway. You are driving in the sun and ahead it is pounding rain; you wait to get there to flip on wipers, otherwise you get that bad windshield noise; the scratching thing.
Bought a lot of umbrella's when we got here but don't always seem to have one when I need one. My ability to predict rain is worse that the lV weatherman's predictions and they are worthless.
I play golf and brought my mainland weather gear but all that does is make me hot and uncomfortable.
Found a better solution to the rain thing: just don't worry.   I bought a bunch of shirts that must be made from recycled water bottles because they get dry right after they get wet. I mean you drink the water in the plastic water bottle and when it is gone it is gone. These new shirts dry almost as quickly and that is probably because the sun is always lurking around the corner of a big fat cumulus cloud filled with enough water to to fill a large swimming pool.
Anyway, get wet; buy the right clothes and you will dry.   Oh, and make a lot of friends so you can ask them questions are while walking under their umbrellas!
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